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Jul 24 2020 | by Caitlin Plummer

Reflexology is a type of massage technique that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and sometimes even the ears. It is based around the ancient Chinese theory of qi (pronounced “chee”), according to this belief, qi flows throughout each person. When a person feels stressed, their body creates blockages in the body's qi this causes an imbalance in the body that can lead to illness and dysfunction. Reflexology aims to keep qi flowing through the body, keeping it balanced and disease free.

Jul 6 2020 | by Caitlin Plummer

Himalayan salt is characteristically pink and is sourced from the Himalayas, a mountain range that stretches about 1,500 miles across Pakistan, India, Bhutan, and Nepal. It has long been used for health and healing in Eastern traditions, with the West only recently embracing its health-boosting properties. From nutritional supplements and healing salt lamps to dedicated Himalayan salt rooms, the benefits of salt therapy are widely recognized.

May 15 2020 | by Caitlin Plummer

Many of you have asked when we will be opening our doors and commencing spa services at The Woodhouse Day Spa. While the anticipation of our re-opening is exciting, and we are incredibly enthusiastic about reuniting with our guests, we intend to be deliberate and measured in our approach.

Dec 18 2019 | by Paige Mareth - Director of Communications, The Woodhouse Spas, Corp.

While it is the most wonderful time of the year, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Between your crazy schedule and the need to decorate, shopping for gifts can become a last-minute effort. How we do we simplify the season?

Oct 3 2019 | by Caitlin Plummer

Most people believe deep tissue massage must be painful to be effective. But the saying, "No pain, no gain," doesn't always ring true. In fact, many people are able to achieve a deep state of relaxation when the receive a deep tissue massage.

So, what exactly is a deep tissue massage?

Sep 5 2019 | by Caitlin Plummer

It’s a common misconception that only teenagers suffer from acne breakouts when the reality is many of us will continue to experience the effects of acne, skin discoloration and scarring well into adulthood.

Hydrafacial is a highly effective, multistep facial that can be customized to address many different skin concerns. Fortunately, HydraFacial is very effective when customized to treat acne and prevent breakouts and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Aug 28 2019 | by Sofia Murcia

You’ve probably heard all of the hype and chatter about the HydraFacial, but do you know WHY everyone’s talking about them? Let’s get educated! A HydraFacial is a 6 step medical grade facial! HydraFacial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. It is PERFECT for all skin types, yes, ALL OF THEM!

Aug 8 2019 | by Caitlin Plummer

Reflexology: More than a foot massage

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure applied to the feet, hands, and sometimes even the ears. It is an alternative treatment that has been used for thousands of years to address a variety of conditions. It’s based on the theory that there’s a connection between the zones on your feet and hands that represent certain areas of your body and that these systems can be adjusted or managed by applying pressure to these zones.

Aug 8 2019 | by Caitlin Plummer

The Mini Woodhouse Escape is a 50-minute body treatment available exclusively for the month of August that combines three of our most popular massage techniques along with a full-body exfoliation.


Aug 1 2019 | by Caitlin Plummer
Now there are even more reasons not to skip your spa day. It’s been officially proven that moms who get regular massages and spa services are actually happier people!

It’s no secret that spending the day in the spa will lead you to feeling more Zen. Whether you’re enjoying a massage, relaxing facial or one of our luxury head-to-toe body treatments you’re bound to feel so relaxed that you could actually fall asleep (and we don’t blame you).


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