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May 20 2020 | by Our Quarantined Estheticians

Maintaining a good skincare routine is as important now as ever. Many of our guests have been working towards their individual skincare goals and while we are staying home it’s necessary to practice skincare habits that will continue enhancing your skin. We asked the skin care professionals of The Woodhouse Day Spa in North Bethesda for their best skincare tips and what they are doing on a daily basis to maintain their own skin health. Here’s what they said...

Michelle - Lead Esthetician

May 19 2020 | by Caitlin Plummer

For most of us, stress is an unavoidable part of everyday life. We all know that a lifestyle full of stress can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing but stress can also have a negative impact on your skin.

May 11 2020 | by Caitlin Plummer

Nutrition plays a vital role in your overall health. From producing the energy to get through your morning workout to transporting vital oxygen and blood to organs in the body, the nutrients you consume through your diet play a role in all body functions.

Apr 14 2020 | by Caitlin Plummer

While we are all spending a lot more time at home, it’s a great opportunity for you to practice self-care. This may include face masks and trying new skincare, however, there are some popular DIY skincare activities that you should not attempt at home.

Right now social media feeds are filled with do-it-yourself beauty remedies for clearer, bright skin although some advertised DIY skin recipes can actually end up doing more harm than good. Below we have outlined a few to beware of.

Apr 10 2020 | by Candace Bailey

Dry brushing the skin is a simple way to exfoliate, detoxify the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system. And the best part is it really is as easy as it sounds—a firm, natural bristle brush swept across the skin, from toe to head.

The method is called ‘dry’ brushing because it is performed on dry skin (although some people choose to apply a light coat of body oil before brushing). It is most effective if done each day while the skin is dry, right before hopping in the shower.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Nov 13 2019 | by Caitlin Plummer

How to have your best skin this holiday season!

From travel plans to food preparation and a celebratory drink here and there it’s no secret that the holidays can disrupt many of your routines including your skincare routine.

The holiday season is filled with our favorite social events so it’s an important time for our skin to be looking at its best and while we can’t help you with your family travel plans or grocery shopping, we can help you and your skin feel prepared for the festivities this season!

Jan 7 2019 | by Alan Reuter, owner of The Woodhouse Day Spa - Dublin, OH
There seem to be two main skincare concerns as we enter our 40’s and beyond… wrinkles and sagging skin. 

The four main reasons why wrinkles and sagging occur:

1.  Sun damage to the outer layer of skin (epidermis and dermis).

2.  Loss of soft tissue fullness and other structural support UNDER the skin.

3.  Repetitive facial movements such as frowning, smiling, smoking, laughing and even drinking through a straw.

4.  Poor general health habits, such as improper nutrition, smoking and limited exercise.

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