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May 20 2020 | by Our Quarantined Estheticians

Maintaining a good skincare routine is as important now as ever. Many of our guests have been working towards their individual skincare goals and while we are staying home it’s necessary to practice skincare habits that will continue enhancing your skin. We asked the skin care professionals of The Woodhouse Day Spa in North Bethesda for their best skincare tips and what they are doing on a daily basis to maintain their own skin health. Here’s what they said...

Michelle - Lead Esthetician

May 20 2020 | by Michelle Malusky

Wearing protective face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 is something that we are required to do on a daily basis, however, it also may be causing unintentional side effects on your skin. Whether you’re using store-bought disposable masks, washable fabric masks, or homemade masks like bandanas, masks may cause a number of skin problems to emerge. Below I have included some common skin conditions that you may experience while wearing a face mask in addition to some preventative professional skin care tips

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