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Reflexology: More than a Foot Massage

| by Caitlin Plummer, under Woodhouse Services
Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and sometimes even the ears. It is an alternative treatment that has been used for thousands of years to address a variety of conditions. It’s based on the theory that there’s a connection between the zones on your feet and hands that represent certain areas of your body and that these systems can be adjusted or managed by applying pressure to these zones.


Reflexologists believe that applying pressure to these zones offers a range of health benefits including:


Increased Energy Levels

Reflexology has been proven to be able to stimulate and increase the body’s metabolism. Just one reflexology session can improve the functionality of many organs in your body which in turn results in higher metabolism, creating more energy in your body.

Increased Circulation

Just like all types of massage, reflexology is also known to increase circulation. Improvement in circulation means more oxygen is able to reach the vital organs which increases their functioning and further increases metabolism. This increased oxygen delivery throughout the body also results in faster healing and repair of damaged cells.

Elimination of Toxins

By improving the blood circulation, reflexology indirectly improves bladder function and creates more efficient system of eliminating toxins and other foreign elements from the body.

Stimulates the Central Nervous System

Reflexology is able to stimulate 7,000 different nerve endings in a single session. As we age nerve endings become less sensitive throughout our body so regular stimulation is important. Clearing the bodies neural pathways through reflexology can help improve function and flexibility in many areas of the body.


Due to opening the body’s neural pathways, reflexology has been proven to induce a relaxed state in the body. Reflexology has the ability to flood your system with relaxation inducing hormones which create a state of calmness throughout your body and mind. Reflexology has also been effective in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders.


The Woodhouse Day Spa of North Bethesda offers reflexology as a 25 or 50 minute service and also incorporates reflexology into many of their body treatment.

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